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Is it Easy to Trailer?

The blind folds into a neat package which protects the material from wind damage and makes trailering easy. When collapsed, it also takes up very little room in the boat and allows for great visibility when driving the boat to the hunting spot.

Will size boat will this fit?

The Small and Medium blinds fit a range of boat widths up to a maximum of 86" without additional hardware or extra cost. The Large fits up to 108" wide boats. The design also fits boats with narrow or pointed bows.

This enables the blind to work as well on narrow boats as it does on larger big-water boats. The kit comes complete with fasteners and hardware for attaching the blind to any aluminum, fiberglass, or wood boat.

What type of motors will this work with?

Our standard blind works with any outboard motor and the optional mud-motor adapter allows the Easy-Up to work perfectly with any brand of mud motor (Go Devil, Mud Buddy, Beavertail, etc.)

Are there any Loose Parts?

There are absolutely no loose parts to be lost in the water or misplaced in the boat. The blind sets up by means of the unique snap-button connectors which makes it easy for a hunter to raise it to the hunting position, even in the dark or while wearing heavy gloves.

What is the Frame made of?

The frame is constructed of lightweight galvanized and powdercoated steel tubing. All the attaching hardware is nylon, aluminum, or stainless steel so there are no problems with any of the parts rusting even if you hunt ducks in salt water marsh areas.

How does the blind attach to the Boat?

The blind mounts to the boat on top of the side rails at 4 pivot points. The camo attaches to the boat via quick release cords attached to small eye straps enabling the whole blind to be removed and reinstalled easily in less than 10 minutes.

Do I have to drill any holes in my boat?

You will need to mount the 4 pivot mounts on top of the gunnels. This is done by drilling 2 holes for each and mounting them down with stainless screws. These mounts stay in place and the blind is easily removed from them for storage.

You will also need to mount 12 small eye straps around the perimeter of the boat. These are mounted with small pop-rivets. None of the drilling is done in a spot that will damage the boat or create leaks.

Is the fabric wind proof?

The fabric used in our blinds is windproof and no additional windscreen is needed.

Does this blind come with a Top?

We now offer an optional Top Kit that will completely hide the interior of the boat while not interfering with your ability to shoot quickly without having to move the top out of the way.

What type of Camo fabric is used?

Premium, snag-free 3-D leafy material in Mossy Oak Shadowgrass Blades camo pattern. This material is 3-D leaf-cut polyester camo sewn to strong printed ripstop polyester backing. There are two layers: a leafy layer sewn onto a solid layer. Both layers are printed in the same camo pattern.

Installation Instructions...

The kit comes with step-by-step instructions including detailed diagrams, parts list, and an installation DVD.

What is the Installation Time?

Since you will be custom fitting the Easy-Up to your boat, the initial installation should take about 3 or 4 hours. The blind can then be easily removed at the end of the season or reinstalled in about 10 minutes.

After Season Storage...

The Easy-Up is removable in less than 10 minutes and is easily stored after the season by simply hanging both halves on the garage or storage shed wall and out of direct sunlight (sunlight can fade the camo print over time)

What Tools are needed to install?

Only basic hand tools are needed in the installation process and these include things like an electric drill, hacksaw, screwdriver and wire cutters.

Blind Height. How tall is the blind?

The blind height is determined and set by the installer to meet hunter preferences and boat configuration and generally ranges from 24" to 34" above the side of the boat, but can be installed to as high as 44".


The Easy~Up blind is patented: US patent # 5887539

How much does the blind weigh?

Once installed, the blind weighs only around 30 pounds.

Speed of Set Up...

The Easy~Up can be raised by one hunter in just 10 seconds and collapses even quicker. It lays completely flat on the boat while traveling across the lake or on the trailer.


The blind kit ships UPS ground in a single 30-38 pound box. You pay only for the cost of UPS ground shipping...normally around $49...we make no profit on shipping and handling!

Is the blind Dog friendly?

The Easy~Up blind opens in the center on either side to easily allow a dog to enter or exit for a retrieve. This is also the location where your dog will be able to look out of the blind while maintaining good camo coverage.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

All of the Frame parts and hardware on the Easy-Up blind carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY for failure due to defect in material or workmanship. Any frame or hardware part that breaks will be replaced at no charge to the original owner of the blind. Shipping is included

The fabric portion of the blind is warranted for 1 year and does not include physical damage such as tears and cuts that were not caused by a defect in the fabric.

Product Returns

Uninstalled "like new" product returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase and will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Shipping costs are not refundable.