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It fits ANY shape boat!

These are pictures of the Easy~Up duck blind on a Seminole Advantage boat. Notice in all three pictures that the duck boat blinds fit properly even though the front end of this boat comes to a narrow point.

The camo material conceals the boat all the way down to the water level and still folds up completely out of the way for driving the boat.

You may also notice that this particular boat has a mud motor and would be almost impossible to steer with a blind that didn't collapse out of the way. The Easy~Up blind does not interfere with the steering on this boat and no other blind on the market today works better on a boat with a one of the mud motors which have gotten to be so popular.

It fits them all, LARGE or SMALL!

This aluminum bass boat has console steering. The Easy-Up fits perfectly even with console
steering and as you can see the controls don't get in the way of the blind at all.

It's FAST!

The Easy~Up goes from this...

...to this in just 10 seconds!


In this sequence of photos you can see several of the advantages of the Easy~Up blind. By opening up one side of the blind it is easy to toss out decoys....

....or pick them up again.

This feature also makes it quite easy to let your dog out for a retrieve or even for a hunter to climb out of the boat to hunt in waders.

Of course no matter which of these reasons causes you to have the blind open, the Easy~Up allows you to be fully concealed again in just seconds!

These pictures show the blind in the "down" or "traveling" position. Note how little boat space is taken up by the blind.

The same boat is shown below with the blind raised and ready to hunt.

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